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Top 5 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Bipolar or Depression.


Let’s not start with the statistic that 50 percent of Pinterest users are women.

There’s been plenty of studies why this is so. I wonder if gay men are using it more than straight men.

I joined it out of boredom and desperation.

Like the character played by Judi Dench in Notes on a Scandal, I feel “chronically untouched.”

I plan a weekend around a trip to Walgreens like she did around a trip to the laundromat.

The social and economic discrimination/marginalization and even mockery of single people, especially those of a more mature age, continues in the new context of marriage equality.

Oh lost!

Check out my sites. I have attempted, in many cases, to explain and even analyze the pins, especially in the two boards devoted to my scholarly interests: the Midrash and Rene Girard.


Oh lost!

“I’ve gone incognito,” proclaimed the pill popping Neely O’Hara in Valley of the Dolls.


It is now past the summer midpoint, which is the feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.


Pretty much everything remotely academic I had planned to do this summer dissipated like the withering flower of the field.

I’ve been working at job number two (the secret job I can’t divulge, yet). which did not give me much time for the above.  But I need the dough. The union got us a contract, but the pay raises don’t kick in until the semester starts. Thus, I don’t have the joyful freedom of doing concentrated research and writing. Actually, I could, but it seems rather pointless in the longer trajectory.

And despite the financial gains that will occur in the fall, I’m back to the usual schedule: Freshman Composition. So much for quality of work. Just like the legal secretary typing the same credit agreements for thirty years until she collapses and is found the next morning dead at her airless desk in a windowless cubicle. No variety of courses: no, those are for those graduate students deemed “stars.”  But Neely was a star, and she cracked up. Big time. Be warned.

I shouldn’t complain. I did burn but was not consumed in the Bible as Literature last year, and I had the sense not to assign essays every week to the students when I got the class myself.  Of course:  I could not palm off the papers on a teaching assistant; thus, less writing outside of class, more writing in class. And my students did better. Because my priority is teaching, not making myself a star. And also making the class interesting, not the sage on stage or the teaching assistant just reviewing the wisdom handed down from on high in another lecture. That might be fine for chemistry, but not for a humanities classroom.

Eh! (Bitter, harsh laugh.) Call me not Naomi, but Mara, for the Lord has dealt bitterly with me,

And behold, I just found that my roommate (he rents a room from me) just sold his primary out of state residence, quickly. Good for him … but …

I am going to, in August, before the semester starts, to give him time to think about his plans, suggest/insist he start looking for a place.  One of the stipulations for the low rent he pays me would that he would be gone most weekends.  Not the case any more.

I need my privacy. I need sex. I need a body beside me.

And for me, sex requires a large space, gear, and tools. Not something I can confine to my room.

I’ll leave you with  titillating images.  And try and avoid tying one of the images into nuns flagellating themselves in their cells.