About Supernunny

I am a NTT faculty member at a public university in the Midwest.

I teach English composition and this semester, finally, the Bible as Literature.  I don’t have my terminal degree, yet, and I have been out of the loop regarding the research/scholarship track for some time.  (I did not even know that the MLA convention this year was occurring close to me.  Oh, the shame.)

My academic specialty is religion and literature.  I did begin graduate level Biblical studies courses at another university (in the Ivy League), but didn’t get that far in that endeavor for complicated reasons that are more psychosocial than academic (at least I think so).

I am not really a nun.   I am not a woman.

My colleagues deduced I behave like a nun in some respects, and  my classroom management style resembles that of the nuns I had as teachers.


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